"Peaceful Pooch" Calming Supplement
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"Peaceful Pooch" Calming Supplement

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Peaceful Pooch Calming Kelp Supplement

Peaceful Pooch is an all-natural calming supplement that will allow your dog to relieve stress and anxiety and return to calm without the use of harmful man-made medicines.

This calming supplement is easily added to your dog's food, and will allow them to stay calm during anxiety-filled moments, such as fireworks, thunderstorms, or if they have separation anxiety.

A homeopathic remedy to anxiety and all natural sedative that may calm your pet.

This medicinal herb that has been used for hundred of years, dating back to ancient Greece. Calming herb that may relax the central nervous system and soothe muscle groups.

Naturally sooths your pet and eases tension.

Passion Flower
Low intensity emotional stabilizer. Natural treatment for anxiety.

Ingredients: Kelp, flaxmeal, passion flower, chamomile, milk thistle seed, valerian, melatonin.

Suggested daily use by weight:
10-30 pounds ½ teaspoon
30-80 pounds 1 teaspoon
80+ pounds 1 ¼ teaspoon

Made in the USA
8 oz 


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